Carnival calls show need for volunteers

Posted at 28/06/10 - 05:02 PM

Article courtesy of Diss Express


Carnival bucket collection benefactors Diss First Responders gave two unscheduled demonstrations of their skills on Sunday.


First Tony Catalano was called into action just before the parade of floats set off when a 999 call was made from someone who had fallen out of a chair in their home.


Then Ian Seymour and Sue Mobbs had to leave the procession to attend a fatal cardiac arrest call in Diss.


"It is typical of our role," said Mr Seymour, one of a team of volunteers who cover a ten-mile radius of Diss for the service which offers help before an ambulance can arrive.


"We can get no calls for days but then go straight from one to another on other occasions," he said.


Generous Carnival-goers donated more than £600 to the First Responders and co-ordinator Rachel Hiller was delighted to learn the charity had been chosen.


"We are very grateful for the support," she said.


The charity is raising funds towards buying a 4x4 vehicle to help them in their rush to provide assistance.


"It can be very frustrating trying to work our way through heavy traffic with nothing more than a sticker on the side of the car to say who we are," said Mr Seymour.


"Something with more presence will hopefully mean people are more understanding and give us right of way. We could be on our way to save your wife, husband or child."


For more details about Diss First Responders, contact Mrs Hiller, 01379 740158.


More than 100 children and adults entered the Diss shop window competition. Winners were: Adult - Sam Johnson. Children  - 1 Caitlyn Grayston, 2 Luke Gladwin, 3 Emma Honey.


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